What else would you expect…

Second day of demolition and the tradesmen had a beautiful day to complete the job. They told me that the job was not without its excitement, though, when one of them fell through the bathroom floor. This was due to a rotten board giving way, the timber under the concrete that had been laid to level the floor for tiling was a little worse for wear after 90 odd years.

The old decking disappears as the last of the demolition is carried out. The steps were the last to go.

The old decking disappears as the last of the demolition is carried out. The steps were the last to go.

The roof definitely needs to be replaced so we had the roofer out today to give us a quote. It appears that the Decramastic tiles need to be stripped off and the existing battens replaced before the new Colorbond sheeting can be laid. Re-roofing is one of those costs of renovating that an end buyer usually won’t notice, but it will increase the renovation cost significantly. Read more

Demolition Day…

Sorry guys, it was my fault it rained this morning in Brisbane; we’ve started the renovation.

Commencing the demolition

Commencing the demolition

I can hear the sound of the chainsaw as I type from my temporary office next door. It was fortunate for us, and probably our neighbour, that he was moving out and we have been able to rent his home for the duration of the reno and new build. This means I can keep an eye on what is going on and also be annoyed by the hammering etc along with the rest of the street. Read more

At long last…

Finally, we are about to commence the renovation and new build on our block of land in Banyo, QLD.

We purchased the home approximately three years ago and after living in it for a year decided that we loved the suburb but the house was not suitable for the needs of our family and my business, which I operate from home. The house sits on an 809 square metre double lot and is an old queenslander with plenty of character, although this is currently hidden. After much thought we decided that we didn’t need a house on a large lot and if we just renovated the home we would be over-capitalising for the area as the price ceiling here is around $700,000. Instead, we decided that we would split the block, renovate the old house and build a new home that would suit our needs.

The house - before the renovation commences

The house – before the renovation commences

It has taken a couple of years to get to this point. Tomorrow, we move out and next week the tradesmen come in, first to disconnect the power so we can demolish a section of the side verandah. This will allow the building to fit onto one lot. Then we have the house raisers coming in to lift and slide the house across and forward into the new position. Read more