Deciding on Door Furniture.

I decided to talk about door handles this week, partly because it is an important aspect to consider when building or renovating, and partly because I’m a little disappointed to return home (very briefly) and find the vinyl still hasn’t been laid in the house and therefore we can’t move in. Mind you with only a day at home that is probably a blessing in disguise.

It's important to choose the right door handles for your houseOn the up-side we now have running water and operational toilets, very important. The painter has also completed the internal and external paint job including varnishing the internal staircase – it looks great.

Anyway back to handles. We decided early on in the renovation there were two essentials when it came to door furniture.

The first was that all the internal door handles would be brushed chrome lever style. Chrome, because the colour suits the simple, clean look of the home and lever-style to make opening doors easier. Yes I want the house to be accessible to some one with say arthritis and also for younger children, but come on, who hasn’t had wet hands or you’ve just applied moisturiser and then tried, without success, to turn a knob style handle, it just seems to make more sense to go for the lever style. The down side of lever style handles is the edge that can catch on clothing, they are also at the right height for unsuspecting four year olds to run into so a soft rounded edge is important if you have toddlers. Going for brushed chrome made more sense in a family home as polished chrome surfaces show marks and finger prints and I am certainly not into polishing door handles.

Keyless Entrance set makes life easier

The second ‘must have’, was a keyless entry system. I love to go out for a walk but I hate to carry keys around with me when I have to lock up and security wise it’s not a good idea to hide the key under the welcome mat or the nearby flower pot. In the past we have hosted exchange student, this necessitated getting extra keys cut while they stayed with us. Of course with a number of family members all needing a key to get into the house it is inevitable that keys get lost or misplaced. As this house will eventually become a rental I also wanted to avoid the cost of replacing locks between tenants. Voila the keyless entry system fixes all that. I can add a code for ourselves, give my mum a tag to put on her car keys for when she visits or I can set up a temporary code for a visitor, a tradesman or that future rental real estate agent. The version we eventually decided on has the option of a pin code or a coded disc or card. It also re-locks itself once through the door, no worrying about an unlocked front door if I am busy upstairs.

The last sort of door handles that I needed to consider were those on the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes. As both of these were recycled units I wanted to update the look. The kitchen cupboard received some modern, squared D-handles, again in a brushed chrome finish. The wardrobes are a different matter. They currently have small round brass knobs. I’m not a fan of brass and with the rest of the house sporting the brushed chrome look I want to update these as well. Rather than buy new ones I discovered a great idea when browsing Pinterest last week. Virginia from LiveLoveDIY had pinned a great idea for using spray paint to recycle door knobs. I love using spray paint when creating sets and props for kids theatre but I must admit I hadn’t thought of using it on door knobs. Next time I return home I’ll nip down to the hardware and purchase a can of metallic spray paint and give it a go.

With any luck the vinyl should be down by the time I get back and we’ll be moving in.

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3 thoughts on “Deciding on Door Furniture.

  • May 1, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Great tips for lever door handles – I think you talked me into them for our next home. I’m looking forward to know how the spray painted knobs turn out. My wheels are turning and wondering if this would be a great way for us to add a pop of color without a huge commitment. Did the tutorial say what kind of paint to use to decrease peeling? Or any steps to do prior to spraying them?
    Meghan recently posted…Moving on U.P. part 1My Profile

    • May 3, 2015 at 5:17 pm

      Hi Meghan, the writer suggested using high quality metalic spray paint. I use a lot of cheap spray paint that I pick up from the hardware however I have noticed that there are other more expensive brands on the shelves and so am assuming they mean these sorts. She did mention that the painted knobs were still going strong after 12 months.

  • August 25, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Changing the hardware on your doors is a great way to update the look. I will have to pick out a new handle for my door. Thanks for the post.

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