Demolition Day…

Sorry guys, it was my fault it rained this morning in Brisbane; we’ve started the renovation.

Commencing the demolition

Commencing the demolition

I can hear the sound of the chainsaw as I type from my temporary office next door. It was fortunate for us, and probably our neighbour, that he was moving out and we have been able to rent his home for the duration of the reno and new build. This means I can keep an eye on what is going on and also be annoyed by the hammering etc along with the rest of the street.

The demolition team are pulling down the verandah which had been built in many years ago and included my office, a sleep out and the bathroom. I sourced a demolition business who also had a licence for the removal of asbestos just in case there was any found in the bathroom during demolition. The team are confident they will have completed their work within the two days allowed, so quick workers.

Although I hoped to avoid replacing the roof it looks like it's inevitable

Although I hoped to avoid replacing the Decramastic roof it looks like it’s inevitable

It’s nice to see some progress (a day ahead of schedule because I got my days mixed up – it was hot and I was busy in a planning meeting with my business partner when the contractor rang me to confirm a day) It’s been a little stressful trying to pull together everything over the past couple of weeks while being busy with other work. Thankfully, our builder has been very helpful, putting us in contact with his electrician and other trades to get to this point.

The demolition cost has come in at AUD$7,480.00 including GST for the demolition and disposal of waste for this section. Quotes varied little around this price and we went with a company who was recommended by a couple of different builders and house raisers.

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