It may not be obvious, but…

It’s been a busy week on the renovation front although this has mainly been behind the scenes work.

Replacing the roof deferred

The builder decided that it was better to wait until after the move to replace the roof as it needs further bracing and tie downs to meet new cyclone standards since the last roof was installed in the 1970’s. After the past couple of weeks of storms, I think this might be a good idea. I have been getting quotes from roofing companies and it looks like it will cost somewhere between $13,000 and $15,000 to remove the old roof, add bracing and tie downs to the timber frame, insulate and replace with Colorbond roofing iron.

The vinyl flooring removed leaving the bare floor as it must have looked many years ago.

The vinyl flooring removed leaving the bare floor as it must have looked many years ago.

While I’ve been working on income generating work and following up various things in whatever spare time I can find, the builder has been busy with preparation work. He has advised me that next week we will have the house lifters on site.

Power and unexpected costs

It was when he was having a walk around the site with the house lifter that they realised the power board was in the way of where a steel beam would be placed during the move. Hurried discussions around options with the electrician resulted in him coming back and removing the board and me arranging for the power to be disconnected. The builder and house raising company will now have to throw a cord across the fence and utilise the power here next door. I also learnt that it costs to have the power disconnected, $417.82 to be exact, and if you need to have it expedited, as we did, it will cost an extra couple of hundred on top of that.

The Husband Extraordinaire has been busy tidying up the site ready for the workers next week. This included cutting down some of the trees that will be in the way (there went my shade for the new office here next door) and taking up the heavy duty vinyl flooring in the lounge room for reuse in my new office sometime down the track. Still, it is good to have things moving forward, even if it doesn’t always seem obvious.

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One thought on “It may not be obvious, but…

  • July 13, 2016 at 12:10 am

    It sounds like you have a project on your hands with the roof, floors and power, but I think your positive attitude is really key in all of the challenges. I have considered purchasing a rental and wondered what the project would entail. I will have to consider If I have the correct attitude to take on the task, but you have me thinking it could be possible. Thanks for sharing.

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