Preparing the house for rent

Well with the imminent completion of the new home, we listed the Queenslander on the rental market, one viewing and it was rented and to a preferred tenant. How did that happen? This result I believe is because we followed a deliberate approach to the renovation combined with using a premium rental service and being clear about the sort of tenant we preferred.

Preparation is the key to getting a good tenant

We actually did a bit of research even before we started the renovation; finding out what the demand in the area was for rentals and preferred features. We had an advantage, as well as living in the area we had held rentals in this suburb before, this gave us insight into what potential renters were looking for. While we acknowledged the changing demographics and the gentrification within the suburb we also noted another trend (and I admit I have an advantage here, as I work in the aged and disability sector) which was the need for adaptable and accessible housing. This demand is due to people living longer, with a preference for ageing in place (remaining in their own homes or at least in a familiar community setting). It is also due to the policy of integrating and supporting younger people with a disability to live within their communities rather than being segregated. I think this is great and makes for a more balanced approach to the life of a community.

Having renovated the home to appeal to as many people as possible, including adding in accessibility options, we then engaged a real estate agent to market the home with particular emphasis on seeking an organisation who would take on a head lease. While the marketing was more expensive, we had to pay for professional photos to be taken and for the premium listing on; I think the results speak for themselves. The home was listed on the Internet on the Wednesday evening with a half hour open home held the following Saturday morning, by Monday afternoon the deal was sealed with an organisation taking on the head lease.

Of course we had to prepare the home for the open and taking a leaf out of the sales marketer’s book we spent time cleaning and de-cluttering the home. Whilst I didn’t go the extent of baking the cakes or making coffee, I did ensure that:

  • every surface was clean,
  • the dishwasher was emptied,
  • the floor was freshly mopped and carpets vacuumed,
  • personal belongings were removed,
  • matching towels hung in the bathrooms,
  • window coverings were open with lights turned on,
  • the windows were open and fans were on in rooms (this is Queensland after all)
  • magnets and notes were removed from the fridge,
  • beds were made,
  • dirty washing was hidden in the laundry,
  • the grass was mown and clear of rubbish.

Painting the front fence a strong complementary colour assist it to blend into the landscape.

I also gave the new front fence – it went in on Thursday – a first coat of paint. It needs a second coat however it looked great at a first glance. This Easter long weekend finds me, finishing off the painting, along with packing and cleaning.

Still it’s exciting to think that soon the build process will be complete and we’ll be able to move into the new home.

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