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Making sure the supports are welded in the correct location

Making sure the supports are welded in the correct location

I made a slight error the week prior to the Christmas break, nothing that will bring the house down but in my haste to get things done before Christmas and the holidays I didn’t talk through the whole job with one of my contractors, the company that was to re-roof the house. The builder had told me that it would be better to add in some extra timber supports to the roof where the existing frame had sagged over the years. I had a quick word to the roofing contractor about the need to ensure the new roofing allowed for taking out the dips in the roof which he interpreted to mean packing out the rafters here and there. I didn’t read through the description carefully in the quote otherwise I should have realised this difference. In my defence I was rather busy getting some work completed before going on holiday plus organising a whole host of other things related to the development. Unfortunately the problem wasn’t picked up until the team arrived on Monday to commence the job when the builder and the roofing foreman got talking. A quick call to the roofer confirmed my error. After a hurried discussion with the builder confirmed that the problem would be cosmetic only, we decided to go ahead with the re-roofing.

Decramastic roof coming off

Removal of Decramastic roof

The old Decramastic roof sheets came off very quickly. New insulation was laid down and the rafters packed out where there were minor dips. The roofing was removed and replaced within the day however the guttering was still to be added. The roofing team found that new barge boards were required. They could have just attached the guttering to the ends of the rafters however the foreman explained that the guttering would start to droop within a couple of years. Unfortunately this meant the whole job couldn’t be completed before the Christmas break, still the roof was on and the house secured from the elements which is great.

Laying the sub-floor

The sub-floor is laid down

The builder and his team were not slacking off either. They completed installing the timber bearers and joists for the lower level flooring.

So everyone was able to have a well deserved break over the Christmas period and of course have been back to finish off the roofing and flooring since as well as commencing the cladding and installing some of the windows.

Side of house with cladding commenced and new windows going in

Side of house with cladding commenced and new windows going in



I’m back on board later this week after six weeks of holidays in Europe and it will be great to see what has happened since I left on Christmas eve. The picture to the left shows how the house looked at the end of last week.

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