Banyo, 4014

When I give my address out to people I often get blank looks – where on earth is Banyo? I actually quite like that. Banyo is a hidden gem of a suburb in my opinion.

Banyo 4014

Banyo 4014

Originally named Clapham Junction the suburb was renamed in 1897 by the Commissioner of Railways. In the 1920’s, when our area of Banyo was subdivided there were approximately 400 people living here; now there are more than 5,000 people. Read more

Do not plant a poinciana in a suburban backyard

Yesterday was site clean up day, and I think it was expensive. I haven’t got the bill yet but it looked like a big job.

And the walls came tumbling down.

And the walls came tumbling down.

The backhoe and truck arrived around 6.30am to skies that were threatening rain. The Backhoe operator took one look at the site and ordered a second truck. I watched from my office window throughout the day as they discovered the second slab underneath the first one and old septic pipes. On the bright side, the light rain throughout the day kept the dust down and a building site is meant to be muddy, isn’t it? Read more

At long last…

Finally, we are about to commence the renovation and new build on our block of land in Banyo, QLD.

We purchased the home approximately three years ago and after living in it for a year decided that we loved the suburb but the house was not suitable for the needs of our family and my business, which I operate from home. The house sits on an 809 square metre double lot and is an old queenslander with plenty of character, although this is currently hidden. After much thought we decided that we didn’t need a house on a large lot and if we just renovated the home we would be over-capitalising for the area as the price ceiling here is around $700,000. Instead, we decided that we would split the block, renovate the old house and build a new home that would suit our needs.

The house - before the renovation commences

The house – before the renovation commences

It has taken a couple of years to get to this point. Tomorrow, we move out and next week the tradesmen come in, first to disconnect the power so we can demolish a section of the side verandah. This will allow the building to fit onto one lot. Then we have the house raisers coming in to lift and slide the house across and forward into the new position. Read more