Base stage completed

My last visit home between community visits was a short one, enough time to throw my clothes into the washing machine before repacking back into my bag and a quick confab with hubby and the builder over building issues.

It was pleasing to see the stumps were all in as well as the bearers and joists down as well as some of the structural posts for the garage and main house, now it really looks like the house takes up the full block.

The house is now at base stage. All the stumps,bearers and joists are in. Also some of the posts for the carport and house structure.

The builder had a bit of trouble with the concrete pour for the stumps. Due to our unseasonably high rainfall this year, the holes kept filling with water. When they pumped in the concrete the water of course was displaced but as it overflowed it brought with it some of the concrete, hence we have a thin slurry of concrete under the entire house area. Correction – when handy hubby went to clear up the overflow around the house site he found it wasn’t quite so thin in places, hmmm we may have to consider putting in some alkaline loving plants in those areas. We will also need to punch some holes in the overflow under the house to make sure we don’t get water pooling and creating water traps for mosquitos. Read more

Commencing the new build – Base Stage

Exciting news, the builder has started working on the new build. They actually commenced a couple of weeks ago but the inclement weather we have been experiencing has put a dampener on getting things moving, oh and I forgot to get onto the utilities organisation to get an access point on the new lot, more on that later.

It's so exciting once you see the first holes dug in the ground or trenches being dug, the building work is finally starting after a couple of years planning.

Currently we have a lot of holes in the ground – with quite a bit of water in the bottom of them, I don’t dare let the dog run around the block at the moment, as the holes are two meters deep. The excavating team have been been back and forth, attempting to dig the holes. Initially the block didn’t dry out fast enough though and the site was becoming a bit of a mud bath. They decided to wait an extra week for it to clear up and then of course it would rain again. They were able to dig some trenches for the block walls and the concrete footings for these were poured some weeks ago now.

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