Moving back in – finally!

Work life has been pretty full on lately. I’ve been on the road for a few weeks now and only had a brief stop at home mid month for a week’s break. Even that week was full on with business meetings with the accountant and my wonderful business partner, training sessions on new programs we are trialling and starting the move back into the renovated house. Yes it’s finally at the move in stage.

The house is finally finished. A beautiful Queenslander with a few modern touches.

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Packing Tips and Tricks when you have a weight limit

How to maximise the space in your travel bagYes, I’m out on the road again. I travel a lot due to the work I do and I’m often ‘on the road’ for weeks at a time. I have to take a laptop, phone and iPad with me, along with their relevant chargers. These are my tools of trade and my office is wherever I am sleeping that night.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, we try to go paperless where possible though it is not always so easy to achieve. Many of our clients like to handle the physical resources we develop rather than reading them on an iPad, so I have to find room for these in my luggage as well.

Of course, I also need to take changes of clothes along with me. Thankfully, I work ‘out bush’ so don’t need to dress up! Add in toiletries, a sleeping bag, pillow and a sheet for those places where we have to ‘camp’, cooking items and ‘hard-to-get’ food items and the weight really starts to add up. Read more