Oh no, the rooms look too small!

Why is it that putting up the framework makes the floor area of a house look smaller than it is? Now, I know the house can’t actually be that small because it takes up a huge chunk of the site, it just appears that way. So I asked a friend – Google, and found out that this is a common optical illusion that has many people freaking out over. One of the forum sites said that the illusion was due to comparing the outdoor space with that inside the house, it was also recommended that people didn’t visit the site too often when the build was going on – obviously most people don’t live next door to their build site.


Having no walls creates the optical illusion that the area within the house is smaller than it really is. Once the walls are clad this illusion will disappear however it can be disconcerting at the time.

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Raising of the walls – and oops, knocking down some as well!

It was all hands on deck for the raising of the block wall. Orange and yellow shirts everywhere.I returned from my last trip to find I had a couple of walls raised on the building site, the start of the garage. After a week at home I had three walls, all concrete block, all different colours, and the jury is still out on those almond coloured ones. I do like the large boundary wall however, it is a brown-grey and tones in nicely with the old Queenslander, which is just as well as that is the side you will actually see the colour.

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Base stage completed

My last visit home between community visits was a short one, enough time to throw my clothes into the washing machine before repacking back into my bag and a quick confab with hubby and the builder over building issues.

It was pleasing to see the stumps were all in as well as the bearers and joists down as well as some of the structural posts for the garage and main house, now it really looks like the house takes up the full block.

The house is now at base stage. All the stumps,bearers and joists are in. Also some of the posts for the carport and house structure.

The builder had a bit of trouble with the concrete pour for the stumps. Due to our unseasonably high rainfall this year, the holes kept filling with water. When they pumped in the concrete the water of course was displaced but as it overflowed it brought with it some of the concrete, hence we have a thin slurry of concrete under the entire house area. Correction – when handy hubby went to clear up the overflow around the house site he found it wasn’t quite so thin in places, hmmm we may have to consider putting in some alkaline loving plants in those areas. We will also need to punch some holes in the overflow under the house to make sure we don’t get water pooling and creating water traps for mosquitos. Read more