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Why, because this is where we get to know more about each other. I assume you are here because you too are interested in property renovation or development, or perhaps we already know each other and you just want to know what the heck I am doing now!

I’m a wife to the wonderful man I met when we were both in kindergarten (now that’s a long story) and mother to three beautiful, adventurous girls. I have a home in Queensland where my ever patient husband and one, sometimes two daughters live, I return there regularly between work trips.

In my day job, I am a consultant, travelling all over the Australian outback to support rural and remote aged and disability programs. In my spare time, I enjoy renovating and developing property.

Me in my natural setting

Me in my natural setting

People often ask me how I manage to find the time to fit property investment, renovation and development into my busy life. It’s a fair enough question, I love my job, it allows me to go to places most people only dream about. On the downside though it does mean a lot of time on the road away from home and family. But my work is not my life, although sometimes it may seem like it.

As well as work we all need a social life and I enjoy helping out at a children’s theatre company. Most school holidays you’ll find me covered in paint or out scouring the Opportunity Shops, I assist with sets and props. It is a wonderful experience to see young people blossoming as they master new songs, memorise lines, learn a few dance routines and pull off a performance that many professional organisations would be proud of, oh and it’s all done in a week.

Over the years we have also enjoyed hosting exchange students, learning about other countries and cultures.We’ve had the opportunity to visit the students in their home countries over the past few years which has been lovely.

Home schooling our children was a necessity when we lived remote as there were no suitable schools nearby, this however was a blessing in disguise as we spent much more time with our girls than many parents experience. We have been fortunate that this gave us the opportunity to guide their paths for many years and although they have all grown up and are off having their own adventures we are a close knit family with many great memories.

Our property investment / renovation experiences have been fitted in amongst all these experiences. Yes we are busy, no we didn’t always have much money and sometimes it felt like our property portfolio was a monster, eating up all our available funds. But we kept going, learning from our mistakes, building up safety nets where we could so that we could invest and enjoy life in the present.

We all have 24 hours in the day – many people find themselves with spare time, spare time that they fill watching TV, playing video games, checking out their Facebook page and Twitter or perhaps on hobbies or outdoor pursuits. Now, I will admit that I am guilty of reading and surfing the internet, I have Facebook and an iPad with addictive games and I recently found Pinterest, oh my, that is going to be a problem if I don’t watch out! However, it comes down to priorities – what is more important to me.

A simple painting job to tidy up one of our rentals.

A simple painting job to tidy up one of our rentals.

Each one of us makes time for those things that are the most important to us. I find time to renovate and develop property because I don’t want to be reliant on the Australian Government pension – if it still exists by the time I retire. I also want choice about where I go and what I do in my life in the here and now.

This is not a detailed ‘how to blog’. I’m not a property expert or guru, I’m not here to give advice on how to go about investing in property although I am happy to share the investment tips I have picked up along the way. I can tell you what I have found from experience, and share from lessons learned. This is my story.

PS: Don’t expect this to be all about property, I believe in living life to the max and may feel obliged to share this with you!


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