Moving back in – finally!

Work life has been pretty full on lately. I’ve been on the road for a few weeks now and only had a brief stop at home mid month for a week’s break. Even that week was full on with business meetings with the accountant and my wonderful business partner, training sessions on new programs we are trialling and starting the move back into the renovated house. Yes it’s finally at the move in stage.

The house is finally finished. A beautiful Queenslander with a few modern touches.


Light coloured timber look vinylThe vinyl flooring was finally installed, and it looks great. I initially thought the colour might have been a mistake and that we had gone too light; the pattern chosen is a whitewashed timber look. However once our timber furniture was installed it looked a lot better. I still think it might have been better to go for a slightly darker timber for more contrast to the light coloured walls, however it does contribute to a very light and airy look which is need downstairs because of the verandahs front and back.

We had never had wardrobes in the upstairs bedrooms apart from in the main bedroom, which has a lovely wall full of cupboards. These days’ people like to have built in wardrobes so we decided to have some professionally constructed. These were installed early in the week and later in the week the painted glass sliding doors were added. The doors were about the same cost as mirrored doors but they provide a lighter European look to the overall finish. The girls will just have to go to the bathroom to use the mirror.

Outside the house the concreters arrived to pour the carport slab and side path.

We chose an exposed concrete look; this will be sealed in a couple of weeks once cured. I hadn’t realised how many different sorts of colours there was to choose from for the exposed aggregate. We eventually settled on a warm aggregate mix that incorporated a small amount of red and grey in amongst the lighter colours. Now that it is down I really like the effect.

We decided to concrete up one side of the house to minimise weeding and allow access for bikes or wheelchairs etc. The pour ran just under the edge of the house line and approximately 10cm from the boundary fence. We have the choice to fill this gap with river pebbles or soil and plants, we’ll decide on that done the track as we need to replace the fences before we do that. We also haven’t built in the ramp from the path to the back deck as yet, we’ll probably leave that for the moment until it is required, for now the steps are fine.

Really all that is left of major works is the addition of a carport which will be built over the next few weeks.

So the house is starting to look like a home again, be that a very messy one at the moment. It’s going to be great to see how it all comes together once the carport is added, hopefully by the time I get home again. Then we get to start on the new build!

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  • February 18, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Where did you get the vinyl flooring from please.

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