Raising of the walls – and oops, knocking down some as well!

It was all hands on deck for the raising of the block wall. Orange and yellow shirts everywhere.I returned from my last trip to find I had a couple of walls raised on the building site, the start of the garage. After a week at home I had three walls, all concrete block, all different colours, and the jury is still out on those almond coloured ones. I do like the large boundary wall however, it is a brown-grey and tones in nicely with the old Queenslander, which is just as well as that is the side you will actually see the colour.

The blocks were due to be core filled last Thursday however the pump was held up on another job so it was postponed to Monday – yesterday, I still haven’t seen anyone. Once the large boundary wall has been core filled, and the second floor is in, the block layers will return to continue raising the wall to the full two-story height. Currently it is being braced against the Queenslander to ensure safety.

By the end of the day there was the beginnings of a wall. In the meantime the builders have returned to piece together the yellow-tongue flooring and cement sheeting under the laundry and downstairs bathroom. It looks a bit like a jigsaw as they work with the various angles and heights. There appeared to be a lot of referring back to the plans and discussion going on.

The first beams for the second floor were also installed on Friday. With four guys, a portable hoist and a lot of head scratching the heavy beams were manoeuvred into place. Oh, along with a slight mishap to the smaller garage wall, glad I’m not going to be the one to tell the brickies they need to relay half a dozen blocks.

The steelwork was a bit of a juggle for the builders but by Friday afternoon the  first beams for the second story were in place.

I noticed the timber frames for the lower level have been delivered, this is due to go up this week and the builder was fairly confident he would have the second floor framework going up by the end of next week. I guess that depends on the concreters getting to site and finishing their job.

We also had the contractor turn up to install the water connection, finally. They had been scheduled to turn up the previous Thursday but were a ‘no show’. When I got home on the Saturday I fired off an email to ask for an update. The job was re-scheduled for the following Thursday and when I hadn’t seen anyone by 12 noon I sent off another ‘please explain’ email. Thankfully that got a response and within a few hours the men were on site. They had to work into the evening however it was completed and we could leave our neighbours in peace – they had graciously allowed us to bring the digger in through their yard which allowed us to keep the build going while waiting for the water connection.

So the build is progressing, albeit slowly compared to some others around us. Thankfully the weather has settled and it should be clear, fine conditions for a few months. I’ve had to head off for another few days work so let’s see what it looks like when I get home at the end of this week!

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